4 Ways To Help Your Cat Recover After A Dental Extraction

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4 Ways To Help Your Cat Recover After A Dental Extraction

26 May 2016
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Dental work may be an unavoidable part of owning a cat since at some point their teeth may need an extraction—often due to tarter buildup. If your veterinarian has recommended that your cat get one or more of their teeth removed, it is vital that you look into what kinds of steps you can take to keep them in good health so that they can make a speedy recovery.

Switch to a Wet Food Instead of Dry

One of the first things that you can do to help your cat is providing them with wet food instead of dry so that they can eat comfortably. By simply providing your cat with wet food, they should be able to bite into their food without any discomfort, allowing them to keep up with their appetite. If your cat doesn't like wet food, you can simply sprinkle a dash of water over their regular dry food to moisten it without introducing a new food.

Keep Other Pets and Small Children Away

If your home has other pets or children, you'll want to make sure that they stay away from the cat. When your cat has had a dental extraction, they likely will be in pain for some time—making it vital that your cat has time to rest up comfortably. With other pets away, you can also make sure that your cat doesn't play too hard and end up damaging their mouth.

Set Up a Quiet, Dark Place for the Cat

In order for your cat to have a speedy recovery, it will be helpful for him to have a safe place to rest. Similarly, to keep other animals and young children away, you should set up an area just for your cat for the first few days. A large closet, bedroom, or spare bedroom can all be good choices, as long as they have all the essentials inside—a litter box, bed, and water.

Monitor Their Food and Water Intake

Keeping a notepad on hand can be helpful to monitor whether your cat is recovering quickly. Taking note of how much food and water they intake can help give your vet a good insight into whether the cat is on the right path towards feeling better.

If you're having any concerns over whether your cat is recovering on time or having discomfort, don't hesitate to contact a vet like those at Bayshore Animal Hospital & Bird Practice.