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Are you new to being a pet owner? Learn more about how to keep your pet calm and happy while at the veterinarian clinic.

Three Tips for Those Considering Getting a Pitbull Puppy

23 November 2016
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A pitbull puppy can be a great addition to your family. Yet, it can be easy for those with little experience owning dogs to be unsure of what they should expect from their new puppy. To help ensure that your pitbull grows to be a healthy and well-behaved animal, you will need to utilize these tips. Appreciate the Importance of Training Your New Pitbull Pitbulls can be extremely intelligent and active. Read More …

2 Tips To Reduce Your Cat’s Stress Level When Visiting The Vet

26 September 2016
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Authorities estimate that there are between 74 and 96 million cats living in American homes today. If you have a feline friend of your own, you probably know just how important regular veterinary care can be when it comes to keeping your cat healthy. Unfortunately, making the trek to your local vet clinic can be stressful for your pet.  Here are 2 tips you can use to help reduce the amount of stress your cat will feel when visiting the vet for orthopedic surgery in the future. Read More …

Doggie Dental Tips For New Owners

26 July 2016
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Are you the new owner of a puppy or adult dog? Were you given a list of instructions but are wondering if there is anything else you can do to help keep your new companion healthy? When taking care of a new pet, there are things that can be inadvertently overlooked or forgotten. One of the most easily overlooked areas can be your dog's dental health. Here are some things you can do. Read More …

Zoonotic Diseases: How To Avoid Getting Infected By Your Dog

12 July 2016
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Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that people can get from animals and vice versa. For example, some fairly common canine illnesses can be transferred to their human family members, such as giardiasis, Lyme disease, and encephalitis. There are also a lot of other rare illnesses that may cause you and your family great harm if you were to be infected.  Once you know your pet is infected, you can seek treatment for them and greatly reduce the risk of getting infected yourself. Read More …

What Every Cat Owner Should Know About Brown Recluse Spider Bites

23 June 2016
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If your cat seems to be sick. in pain. and is licking or scratching a certain spot relentlessly, you may want to consider the possibility that your cat has been bitten by a brown recluse spider. Here's why and what you can do to help your cat. Why cats are susceptible to bites from brown recluse spiders The brown recluse spider gets its name from being a recluse. They like to hide in dark places and dig into cozy areas to find the best spot, such as in a box with clothing or blankets in it, or in the back corner at the bottom of your closet. Read More …