Three Tips for Those Considering Getting a Pitbull Puppy

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Three Tips for Those Considering Getting a Pitbull Puppy

23 November 2016
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A pitbull puppy can be a great addition to your family. Yet, it can be easy for those with little experience owning dogs to be unsure of what they should expect from their new puppy. To help ensure that your pitbull grows to be a healthy and well-behaved animal, you will need to utilize these tips.

Appreciate the Importance of Training Your New Pitbull

Pitbulls can be extremely intelligent and active. While this combination of traits can give your pitbull a robust personality, it can also lead them to mischief. To help ensure that your new puppy learns to respect you and obey your commands, you should enroll it in a professional obedience school. These classes often meet a few times a week, and they will entail your learning the basics of training your dog. Also, your dog will learn some of the more basic commands during these classes under the instruction of the teacher. Considering the sizable advantages that obedience training can provide your dog, the benefits will be more than worth the expense and inconvenience of attending these classes.

Socialize Your Puppy As Much As Possible

There is a common misconception that pitbulls are inherently dangerous to other animals or people. However, this reputation is undeserved, as these animals can be extremely sociable and friendly with other animals. Unfortunately, some individuals will fail to give their dog enough opportunity to socialize with other animals when it is a puppy. This can give the dog difficulty in interacting with other animals because they will not have learned acceptable behavior at a young age. By socializing your dog as much as possible, you can help to avoid these problems. For those that do not have friends with dogs that their puppy can play with, it may be wise to enroll the dog in a doggie daycare so that they can learn to interact with other dogs.

Exercise Your Pitbull Every Day

A pitbull will typically have almost boundless energy, and this can lead to behavioral and health problems if the dog does not get sufficient exercise. For example, your dog may be prone to running around your apartment, and that can lead to damage, or the dog may become severely overweight. To this end, you should make sure to take your dog for lengthy walks and runs each day. If the winters in your area are too harsh for this, you should consider buying an old treadmill. It is possible to train pitbulls to walk on treadmills, and this can help them to get their daily exercise during this time of the year.

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