4 Tips For Adopting A Puppy

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4 Tips For Adopting A Puppy

20 May 2016
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When you need to be sure that you are able to make the most out of a puppy adoption, there are some key tips that you will need to keep in mind. Pet adoptions can be a beautiful thing as long as you do so understanding how to protect the best interests of your new puppy and your household as a whole. To make it a smooth transition, always consider the points below. 

Puppy Adoption Tip #1: Prepare Your Home And Living Arrangements In Advance

To ease the transition when bringing a puppy home, make sure that your household is properly set up. Designate a specific area that you would like for your dog to occupy. It is important to let them have their own area that it can be alone in since coming to a new household is a high-stress time for them. As you bring the dog home, make sure that training begins immediately. This will take a team effort, so your family should get on board with specific vocabulary for commands so that training is consistent and efficient.

Puppy Adoption Tip #2: Build Quality Dietary Habits

The dietary habits of your pet will be critical, so make sure you take the initiative of using high-quality food. Since this food will likely be much better quality than the shelter fed them, increase the portions of new dog food slowly. This way, you will not upset your dog's digestive system and will ease them into the transition as well.

Puppy Adoption Tip #3: Take Your Dog To The Vet Early

Upon bringing your new pet home, schedule a visit with the veterinarian as soon as possible. An appointment immediately after an adoption is preferable, but try your best to get an appointment within the same week. When adopting the puppy, you should have gotten shot records and other pertinent medical information. Pass this information along to the veterinarian so that they too can begin keeping thorough records of your dog's health progression.

Puppy Adoption Tip #4: Buy All The Essentials

It is important for you to outfit your dog with everything that they need. Some must-haves include a quality collar and leash for walking, identification or a microchip, a durable, spacious crate, quality dishes for food and water and fun toys to keep them occupied. Having these essentials will keep you ahead of the game in getting used to your dog.

 With these four tips, you will be in good hands with your pet adoption.