Summer Is Coming: 3 Steps To Keep Your Dog Cool

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Summer Is Coming: 3 Steps To Keep Your Dog Cool

18 May 2016
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Summer is just around the corner. If you have dogs that spend any time outdoors, it's time to start planning for their safety. Hot weather can cause serious health issues for your dog, especially if they don't have access to ample supplies of water and shade. Unlike people, dogs can't perspire to cool themselves down. Instead, dogs pant to cool down, which means in the summer your dog will be breathing in hot air while it's trying to keep cool. Here are three steps you can take to help keep your pooch cool this summer. 

Double Up on the Water

If you leave a bowl of water outside for your dog, that might not be enough for some hot, summer days. You can help ensure that your dog will have enough water to last all day long by doubling up on the water bowls. Instead of leaving one bowl, set two bowls of water outside for your dog. 

Set one by the back door, and then set another one out in the yard somewhere. This will ensure that your dog is close to a fresh supply of water wherever it wanders in the yard. Be sure to leave both bowls in a shady area. This will prevent the water from getting too hot for your dog to drink.

Let It Take a Dip

Dogs love to play in the water, which is great since the water will help cool it down. As soon as the temperatures start rising, set up a small kiddie pool in the back yard – preferably one made out of rigid plastic. Place the pool in an area of the yard that is easily accessible by your dog and fill it up with fresh water. Your dog will be able to take a cool dip whenever it starts to get heated up.

Provide Shelter

If you have limited shade in your backyard, you can still provide a shady space for your pet. Portable picnic canopies provide just enough shade for your pet to rest comfortably during the day. If your backyard is small, consider purchasing a nylon pop-up play tent for your dog. The tent will provide shelter from the heat and allow your pet to still have full access to the yard.

Summer is almost here. Time to make sure that you're ready to keep your dog cool. Use the tips provided here to keep your dog cool and hydrated this summer. If your dog becomes lethargic after spending time outside, be sure to consult an emergency veterinarian as soon as possible. You may be facing a heat-related emergency.