Keeping Your Cat's Teeth In The Best Of Health

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Keeping Your Cat's Teeth In The Best Of Health

13 May 2016
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If you just took in a stray cat, you will want to take the needed steps in caring for it properly so it lives a long, healthy life. Many pet owners know to feed their cat and take it for immunizations when needed, but several fail to realize their cat's teeth need to be tended to as part of routine grooming procedures. Caring for a cat's teeth is important as failure to do so could lead to an array of health problems including gum disease. Here are some steps to follow when taking care of your feline's choppers in an attempt to help your cat keep them in the best condition possible.

See Your Veterinarian For An Assessment

Soon after you acquire your cat, make an appointment to have it evaluated at a check-up in their office. At this time, ask for recommendations pertaining to tooth care. Have the veterinarian assess the condition of the cat's teeth to see if they are in need of any medical assistance in this area of the body. If your cat gets a clean bill of health, you will just need to keep up the oral hygiene practices of your cat's teeth at home. If your cat is having difficulty with their teeth, your veterinarian will take appropriate actions in getting the cat needed medication. It is important to bring your cat to the veterinarian yearly so they can remove any natural build-up from the teeth. They will use a scaling instrument to do this procedure.

Purchase The Right Products To Clean The Teeth

Head to your local pet store to purchase a cat toothbrush and toothpaste. The brush will be similar to the type a human would use, but with softer bristles so the cat is not bothered by the feel of them in the mouth. An alternative is to purchase a finger brush. This can be slipped over your index finger to wipe against your cat's teeth. Cat toothpaste is usually a meat flavor, which many cats tend to enjoy. These items, along with some cat treats, are the only tools you will need to keep your cat's teeth clean between veterinarian check-ups.

Brush The Cat's Teeth To Remove Tartar And Plaque

Start the process in brushing your cat's teeth slowly so they become accustomed to the process. First, allow the cat to lick a small dab of the toothpaste from the brush without trying to rub the teeth. This will get them used to the flavor. If they do not seem interested, switch to another brand. After your cat shows interest in licking at a toothpaste for a few sessions, try gently rubbing the brush on their front teeth. It may take several times before the cat allows you to do this movement. 

With time, your cat will become more tolerant of the movements you make with the brush. Try keeping the cat in place to brush as many teeth as possible during each session. Remember which teeth were cleaned so you can try brushing different ones during the next cleaning regimen. Be sure to give your cat a treat after each session as reassurance. They will soon be waiting for the treat after their brushing as it will become part of the routine. Pick a tartar control snack for additional protection against tartar and plaque build-up.

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