What's That Smell? 4 Simple Steps To Get Your Dog's Flatulence Under Control

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What's That Smell? 4 Simple Steps To Get Your Dog's Flatulence Under Control

11 May 2016
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If your dog has you crying foul every time it passes gas, there's no need to send it packing. While a little bit of flatulence is normal for your dog, excessively odiferous flatulence may be a sign of digestive distress. In addition to keeping the air freshener nearby, here are four steps you can take to overcome the noxious odors that your pet is creating.

Say No to Soy

A small amount of soy is good for your dog. However, too much soy can put your dog into digestive distress. When that happens, you might notice an increase in foul smelling flatulence. If your dog food contains a high concentration of soy, you might want to switch to a low-soy dog food.

If you're not sure how much soy your present dog food contains, take a look at the ingredient label. Ingredients with the highest concentration will be listed near the top of the list. Try finding a food where soy is listed near the bottom of the list or is not present at all.

Keep Trash Under Cover

If your dog makes a habit of dumpster dining during the day, its digestive system is going to be out of control. When that happens, you're going to notice some very foul smelling flatulence coming from your dog. You can control the flatulence by keeping your trash under cover. Securing your trash and ensuring that the lids are in place will prevent your dog from digging in the trash for treats.

Add Some Culture

In order to digest food properly, your dog needs to have enough healthy bacteria residing in its digestive tract. When there aren't enough healthy bacteria, your dog may experience an increase in odiferous flatulence. You can help keep flatulence under control by creating a bacteria-friendly environment inside your dog's gut. Simply add one tablespoon of plain yogurt to your dog's food once a day. Healthy bacteria will thrive and the flatulence will resolve itself.

Make it Work for It

If your dog is a speed-eater, it may be swallowing large amounts of air with its food. Unfortunately, all that air can lead to a severe case of flatulence. Luckily, you can curtail the air-swallowing by making them take their time with their food. Place a clean tennis ball inside their dog bowl and then fill the bowl with food. Your dog will have to work around the ball to get food, which means it will have enough time to chew slowly between bites.

If your dog is making you wish you owned a gas mask, you need to get their flatulence under control. Use these simple tricks to eliminate the problem. If your pet continues to experience foul-smelling flatulence, be sure to visit their veterinarian or animal hospital. They may have an underlying health problem that is causing the flatulence.