Tips To Keep Your Dog Sleeping In Longer When The Time Falls Back

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Tips To Keep Your Dog Sleeping In Longer When The Time Falls Back

6 May 2016
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The time falls back in the fall for many people and that means an extra hour of precious sleep. For those with dogs, however, this may not be so true because the time doesn't really change for them. If your dog is waking you up at the crack of dawn, below are some tips to help it sleep in just a bit longer.


Not getting enough exercise will make your dog restless and have too much built up energy. Getting this exercise late in the day can also help tire it out so it sleeps better. Because fall is much cooler, take it out for an extra walk after dinner.

If you do not like to walk, get a narrow PVC pipe or a wooden dowel and drill a hole at the end of it. Tie a string through the hole that is approximately five or six feet long. Tie a toy, such as a stuffed animal, on the other end of the string. Run around the yard with the pole in your hand. Your dog will start chasing the toy. Let them catch the toy occasionally. This will work even if you do not have a lot of space in your yard. Most dogs will love this game.

Blowing bubbles also works well. Use an inexpensive bottle of children's bubbles and blow them into the air. Your dog will likely start jumping at them trying to catch them. You can also find bubbles that are made specifically for dogs that come in different flavors, such as bacon or chicken. When your dog catches even one of these bubbles, they will be eager to catch another one.

Later Feeding Schedule

To keep your dog from waking you up early because it is hungry, adjust its feeding schedule a little at a time until it is eating each meal later. For example, push breakfast forward 15 minutes and then do the same for dinner. Keep doing this until it is eating about an hour later each day. You should also feed your dog a snack before it goes to bed. One great way to do this is using a puzzle toy. This not only gives them a snack, but they have to work hard at getting the snack, which gives them a little exercise. A puzzle toy is a toy that you hide food inside of it that is difficult to get out. You can find these toys at most pet stores.

If you feel your dog is waking up too early due to a medical reason, take them to a veterinarian like My Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital to make sure there is nothing wrong.