Eliminating Fleas From Your Pet, Home, And Yard

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Eliminating Fleas From Your Pet, Home, And Yard

4 May 2016
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If you have a dog or cat who has been suffering from itchiness, red bumps on the skin, and fleas walking around within their fur, you will want to take steps in eradicating the problem in its entirety. A flea infestation can cause a lot of distress to an animal as well as make a home difficult to live in if fleas are hopping around inside. Here are some steps you can take to eliminate a flea infestation completely to help your animal recover quickly as a result.

Have A Veterinarian Diagnosis And Give Medication

While it may seem like a good idea to give your pet a bath with a flea shampoo to eliminate fleas, this method may not be as effective as having a veterinarian recommend a treatment. Often, these shampoos will kill fleas but leave behind larvae and eggs, causing the cycle to renew itself again rather quickly. Instead, have a veterinarian positively identify that the problem is indeed fleas. They will then offer treatment options that will work quickly in killing the fleas on your pet. Medicated topical drops are often the desired method in removing fleas. These are applied at the nape of the pet's neck so they cannot lick at the solution as it does its job. These drops will usually work for about a month before another treatment is needed, but they will keep the pet flea-free in the interim.

Treat The Home To Eliminate Any Loose Fleas

After your pet has been treated, the home will need to be tended to promptly so fleas living inside do not have a chance to reproduce and so eggs do not have a chance to hatch. Do a thorough vacuuming of your home to remove stragglers. A flea powder should be added to your vacuum cleaner bag or canister so any fleas trapped inside will be killed from the solution. Sprinkle some of this flea powder in your carpets and allow it to remain for a day or two before vacuuming it again. Wash all bedding in hot water to remove larvae or eggs that may have fallen from your pet. If fleas are still a problem after several days, call a pest control service to eliminate the problem professionally.

Take Precautionary Steps Outdoors To Keep Fleas Away

It is best to keep on top of lawn maintenance so fleas do not have a lot of areas to hide. Keep your grass trim to help keep fleas from harboring deep under blades of grass. Treat your lawn with a pest control agent or add beneficial nematodes to your soil to keep fleas at bay. Fleas tend to stick around dark, shaded areas. For this reason, if your pet frequents the outdoors regularly, it is best for their area to be in the sun as fleas are less likely to be lurking in this area. Trimming your lawn also allows sunlight to poke through to the ground, making fleas hop to other areas for shelter. It is best to check your ankles or socks for any fleas that may be trying to get a ride to the inside before you step foot into your home.