Urgent Signs That You Need To Take Your Pet To The Emergency Vet

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Urgent Signs That You Need To Take Your Pet To The Emergency Vet

28 April 2016
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It is important to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that may indicate that your pet is in danger and needs to be seen by a professional emergency vet. To help you know just when that might be, you will want to take a few moments to review the following points.

The Stomach Is Swollen

If your pet just ate a large meal and had a lot of water to drink, you may notice that its stomach appears a little larger than normal. This is not a concern. What is a concern is when the stomach appears extremely distended and it is very hard to the touch. Should you notice that your pet's stomach is like that, you will want to seek immediate veterinary care. The problem could that your pet's stomach has twisted from eating too much too fast. This can be a life-threatening problem so you do not want to wait for an appointment with your regular vet if he or she is unable to see your pet right away.

Walking Like It Is Intoxicated

If your pet is walking in a manner that reminds you of someone being intoxicated, it is important to make sure that you are seeking emergency vet services as this could be a sign that the animal has been poisoned. For example, some pets find their way to  chemicals, such as antifreeze, which is highly toxic to animals. Also, dogs are allergic to moldy food so if your dog got into the garbage can outside and ate moldy food out of a bag that it opened, he will need emergency care. In the event that your pet has been poisoned, its stomach may have to be pumped, as well as receive some medication. 

Uncontrollable Vomiting 

You should not have to worry if your pet just vomits once or twice, as it could have eaten something that did not sit well with its stomach or the animal may have contracted a virus. However, if your pet is vomiting uncontrollably, and is therefore unable to hold down any food or water, you might want to take it to the emergency vet hospital. Your pet can quickly become dehydrated and it may need medication in order to get better.

With those three signs of trouble in mind, you should have no problem figuring out whether your pet is in need of immediate help from an emergency vet. For more information or to find such a vet, visit websites like http://www.1stPetVet.com.